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It's a place where stories are forged, ideas are hammered out and imagination is fired.
A wild smithy of words.
Discover content writing techniques and find inspiration from nature, travel and culture.
Whether you're writing for a personal blog or a business website, I show how to write artfully, skilfully and professionally to attract, engage and influence.
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How to write a nature blog

Head to the website of James Common, nature writer, blogger and naturalist, where you'll find my latest guest post: I explain how to write a nature blog, giving advice on structure, style and content, as well as how to overcome fears as a first-time nature blogger. Grab your pen and journal and join me there...

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Who is Newton Wildsmith?
Freelance content writer.
Author, artist and English teacher.
Perpetual traveller, wannabe minimalist and animal-lover with vague-un (vaguely vegan) tendencies.
 Definitely a tree-hugger.
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